12月 8 2016

【升学指导】加拿大约克大学宣讲会 Recruiting Seminar by the University of York


   On October 18th, Changchun Experimental High School International Division Sino Canadian High School invited the admission teacher Amy came to our school and gave a seminar to our students.


    Amy gave us a detail introduction for the school campus style, the students learning environment, accommodation, and so on.In particular,the University of York has a special major called “Undecided Major” its for the students who didn”t decide which major they are interested in, and they can go into this major and study. During the Seminar the students listened carefully to the teacher explanation, and asking questions, hope the students can work harder to touch their goals.

     加拿大约克大学是1959年建校的一所公立大学,位于加拿大第一大城市-多伦多市,共有二个校区,它们分别是:The Keele Campus,Glendon Campus。现在已经成为拥有超过50000名学生,总面积全加拿大第三的著名大学。在校生超过50000人,教职员工7000人。一直以来约克大学以工商管理、法律、文科、计算机科学、社会科学等专业而闻名。其工商管理专业在伦敦《金融时报》排名中名列全加拿大第1名。在加拿大《麦克林》杂志2015年的大学排行榜上,约克大学位居综合类大学第8名。

    The University of York is a public university founded in 1959, is located in the city of Toronto,which is the largest city in Canada. There are two campuses of the University of York,it has now become a famous university with over 50000 students, and top 3 university campus area in Canada.The University of York is famous for its business administration, law, liberal arts, computer science, social science and other majors.

  约克大学网址Website for the University: http://www.york.ac.uk/


Written by yuefabo


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