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2016年9月21日外交部发言人陆慷主持例行记者会Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang”s Regular Press Conference on September 21, 2016应国家主席习近平邀请,白俄罗斯共和国总统亚历山大·卢卡申科将于9月28日至30日对中国进行国事访问。 At the invitation of President Xi Jinping, President Alexander Lukashenko of the Republic of Belarus will pay a state visit to China from September 28 to 30.Q据报道,9月20日,蒙古交通运输发展部顾问说,“一带一路”倡议将有助于建立中蒙俄经济走廊,为蒙推动建设铁路等新项目提供机遇。蒙计划未来4年融资建设550公里新铁路并扩展现有铁路线,最终与中国至欧洲的贸易通道对接。中方对此有何评论? According to media reports, advisor to Mongolia”s Ministry of Road and Transportation Development said on September 20 that the Belt and Road initiative will facilitate the building of the China-Mongolia Economic Corridor and provide new opportunities for Mongolia to start new railway programs. Mongolia plans to build 550 kilometers of new railways and extend the existing railway in the next 4 years in order to connect to the China-Europe trade route. What is your comment?A“一带一路”倡议提出的重要出发点就是提升整个亚欧大陆互联互通水平,推动内陆国家实现经济、能源和贸易通道的多元化,这有利于沿线各国创造需求和就业,改善普通民众生活水平。“一带一路”倡议提出三年来,取得的进展和成果是有目共睹的,实际上也超出了我们的预期,得到了沿线各国的积极支持和充分认可。 The Belt and Road initiative is proposed to enhance connectivity of the Eurasian continent, and facilitate the diversification of economy, energy and trade routes of inland countries. This will help countries along the belt and road create domestic demand and job opportunities and improve people”s well-being. Since the Belt and Road initiative came into being three years ago, remarkable progress and achievements which are well beyond our expectation have been witnessed by all, and widely supported and recognized by nearby countries.中蒙俄经济走廊作为“一带一路”框架下首条正式开建的多边经济走廊,是多边开放合作的典范,对促进中蒙俄三国合作乃至整个亚欧地区合作都具有重要意义。我们愿与蒙古等国一道,继续推进基础设施互联互通等领域务实合作,为提升各国民众的福祉带来实实在在的收益。 As the first multilateral economic corridor set up under the framework of the Belt and Road initiative and a shining example of multilateral openness and cooperation, the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor is significant in promoting China-Mongolia-Russia trilateral cooperation and regional cooperation in Eurasia. We are willing to work alongside Mongolia and other countries to proceed with pragmatic cooperation on infrastructure connectivity and bring tangible benefits to people”s well-beingQ下一届联合国秘书长可能很快就呼之欲出了。我们也看到,保加利亚的媒体报道称可能会更换该国的联合国秘书长候选人博科娃。我们也看到6月份中国外长王毅曾经会见过博科娃。请问中方对博科娃竞选持何态度?另外,中方是不是会坚持地区轮换制度?是否会出现一位女性联合国秘书长? The next UN Secretary-General is about to be revealed. We see media reports in Bulgaria saying that UN Secretary-General candidate Irina Bokova may be replaced. We also notice that Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Bokova in June. What is China”s attitude towards Bokova”s running campaign? Will China stick to the system of regional rotation? Will there be a female Secretary-General for the UN?A联合国秘书长是作为联合国六大机构之一的联合国秘书处的最高行政长官,其所肩负的责任、承担各国的期待很重要。作为安理会常任理事国,我们一向认为,应当根据《联合国宪章》的规定,在充分协商的基础上,选出一位能够忠实履行《宪章》规定的职责、有能力的候选人。 The UN Secretary-General, as the chief executive of the UN Secretariat which is one of the six major organs of the UN, carries important responsibilities and expectations of all countries. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, we hope that a capable candidate who can earnestly fulfill the duties stipulated in the UN Charter can be elected pursuant to the UN Charter after a widely-based consultation.正如你刚才所说,现在在联合国范围内,特别是在安理会,正就下一届秘书长候选人进行充分协商。中方将继续本着负责任的态度,同其他成员国一道,努力选出一位合格胜任的秘书长。 As you just mentioned, within the UN, the Security Council in particular, thorough discussions are underway on the next UN Secretary-General. China will work with other UN members to select a qualified and competent Secretary-General in a responsible spirit.Q昨日,美国总统奥巴马在联合国大会上表示,俄罗斯现在干涉别国的内政。他还说,俄罗斯用国家的实力来恢复过去的光荣。请问中方对此有何评论? US President Barack Obama said at the UN General Assembly yesterday that Russia is now interfering in other country”s domestic affairs, and that Russia is recovering the past glory using national power. Do you have any response?A我不对具体的表态作评论。但是大家知道,中方一贯主张在国际关系中遵循不干涉别国内政、尊重各国主权和领土完整的原则。这也是《联合国宪章》的明确规定。我们希望所有的国家,不论大小,都能够言行一致地忠实履行《宪章》的宗旨和原则。 I will not comment on the specific remarks. As you all know, China is committed to not interfering in other”s domestic affairs and respecting all countries” sovereignty and territorial integrity in international relations. The UN Charter also has clear provisions about this. We hope that all countries, big or small, will honor their pledges to earnestly comply with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.Q今天两架美国超音速轰炸机飞越韩国,这是自朝鲜9月9日核试后第二次飞越韩国。你有何评论? Two US supersonic bombers flew over the ROK today. This is the second time that US planes did so since the DPRK conducted a nuclear test on September 9. What is your comment?A中方在半岛问题上的立场非常明确,就是“三个坚持”——坚持致力于实现半岛无核化,坚持维护半岛和平稳定,坚持通过对话协商妥善解决问题。大家也知道,自从朝鲜进行第五次核试验以来,半岛局势已经非常紧张了。我们呼吁所有有关各方都能够保持克制,避免采取任何可能进一步加剧紧张的举动。 China holds a clear position on the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue. We are committed to realizing denuclearization of the Peninsula, upholding peace and stability and properly resolving issues through dialogue and consultation. The Peninsula has seen an escalation of tensions since the DPRK conducted its 5th nuclear test. We call on all relevant parties to exercise restraint and avoid taking actions that may add to tension.
Q据报道,昨天,63名电信网络诈骗犯罪嫌疑人从柬埔寨被押解回中国大陆,其中包括多名台湾籍嫌犯。台湾当局对此表示遗憾。请问你对此有何评论? 63 telecom fraud suspects including several from Taiwan were escorted from Cambodia back to China”s mainland yesterday. Taiwan expressed regret over this. Do you have any comment?A关于台湾当局的一些评论,这不是外交事务,你可以向国台办了解大陆方面的正式立场。 It is not our remit to comment on the remarks made by Taiwan. You may ask the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council for the official position.至于你提到的具体案例,中方高度赞赏和感谢柬埔寨方面始终坚持一个中国政策,同中方合作共同打击电信网络诈骗等跨境犯罪。 Regarding the specific case, the Chinese side highly applauds and appreciates Cambodia for sticking to the one-China policy and cooperating with China to crack down on cross-border crimes, including telecom fraud.中国公安部已经就有关案件具体情况发布了消息。中方有关部门将对带回的这些嫌犯依法处理。此举有利于彻底查清案情,有效打击犯罪,切实维护受害人合法权益。我们相信此举会得到两岸同胞和国际社会的理解和支持。 The Chinese Ministry of Public Security has released information on this case. Relevant authorities of China will deal with these suspects in accordance with law. This will help us crack the case, deliver an effective blow to crimes and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the victims. We believe this will be understood and supported by the Chinese people across the Strait and the international community.Q新西兰今天决定遣返金京叶。之前,新西兰一法院曾让新司法部长谨慎考虑这个决定。你有何回应? New Zealand today decided to repatraite Kim Kyung Yup to China. A court in New Zealand once urged the Minister of Justice of New Zealand to give a second thought on this decision. Do you have any response?A这个案件我们一直在跟踪,具体进展我还要再进一步核实一下。 We have been following this case, and need to check its latest development.正如我们此前一再重申的,我们希望,也有信心,同有关国家在相互尊重、互利共赢的基础上,开展司法、执法方面的合作。相信这是符合中国、新西兰以及其他同中方开展合作国家的共同利益的。 As we have been saying, we hope and have the confidence to carry out justice and law enforcement cooperation with relevant countries based on mutual trust and win-win cooperation, as this is in the common interests of China, New Zealand and other countries that cooperate with China.Q有报道说,联合国决定暂停人道主义援助车队进入叙利亚,因为此前的空袭炸毁了至少18辆运送人道主义物资的卡车。美国方面将空袭以及停火破灭归咎于俄罗斯。中方有何评论? Q: It is reported that the UN decided to stop humanitarian aid convoys from entering Syria, as the earlier air strikes destroyed at least 18 trucks delivering humanitarian goods. The US has blamed the air strikes and breach of the ceasefire on Russia. What is your comment?A这两天叙利亚的局势引起了国际社会的高度关注。中方也对有关局势的发展感到关切。我们注意到包括你刚才所提到的有关事件,对人员伤亡表示遗憾。 A: The situation in Syria in the last few days has drawn close attention from the world. China is also concerned about the development there. We have noted what happened in Syria and regret over the casualties.我还是想重申,日前俄罗斯和美国达成的叙利亚停火协议来之不易。中方呼吁所有有关各方加强协调与合作,继续落实停火协议,为尽快重启和谈、能够有效顺利地实施人道救援提供有利条件。 I would like to reiterate that the Syrian ceasefire agreement between the US and Russia did not come easily. China calls on all parties concerned to step up coordination and cooperation, follow through the ceasefire agreement, and create favorable conditions for the early resumption of peace talks and successful delivery of humanitarian assistance.Q近日,印控克什米尔地区一处军营遭到袭击,印度指责巴基斯坦支持跨境恐怖主义。巴方则认为印方蓄意抹黑巴形象,转移国际社会对印控克区局势的注意力。印巴关系因此出现紧张。中方对此有何评论? A military camp in the Kashmir region controlled by India was under attack. India then accused Pakistan of supporting cross-border terrorism, while Pakistan said that India deliberately tarnished Pakistan”s international image in order to distract the international community from the situation in the Kashmir region. India-Pakistan relations have thus been strained. Do you have any comment?A我们对近期克什米尔地区暴力冲突和袭击造成人员伤亡深感关切,也对由此导致印巴关系出现紧张感到关切。我们呼吁有关各方能够保持克制,避免加剧紧张局势。We are deeply concerned about the violence and casualties caused by attacks in the Kashmir region, as well as the strained relations between India and Pakistan over this. We urge relevant parties to exercise restraint and avoid fueling the tension.关于反恐问题,中方的立场是一贯的。我们一向反对一切形式的恐怖主义,主张通过加强国际合作,共同应对恐怖主义威胁,努力维护人类社会的安全。 China holds a consistent position on anti-terrorism. We are constantly opposed to all forms of terrorism, maintaining that terrorist threats be addressed through enhanced international cooperation in order to safeguard the human society.印度和巴基斯坦都是本地区重要国家。我们希望印巴双方加强沟通对话,妥善处理双方之间的分歧,共同致力于地区和平、稳定与安全。 Both India and Pakistan are significant countries in the region. We hope that the two countries will step up communication and dialogue, properly deal with their differences and jointly contribute to regional peace, stability and security.Q据报道,金砖国家外长在参加联合国大会期间举行了会晤,他们讨论了要在联合国支持下尽快达成应对恐怖主义的国际公约。是否确实讨论了这个问题?具体讨论了什么? Q: According to media reports, foreign ministers of BRICS met with each other on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly and talked about reaching an international convention on anti-terrorism with the support of the UN as soon as possible. Is it true? What have they talked about?A当地时间昨天,金砖国家外长在第71届联大会议期间举行了例行会晤。外长们讨论了金砖国家共同关心的国际和地区热点问题,也包括你刚才所提到的这个问题。这次会晤发表了新闻公报,对方方面面的问题比较详细地阐述了立场。我们相信金砖国家会共同努力,按照外长会晤达成的共识,继续推进我们共同的目标。Foreign Ministers of BRICS held a regular meeting on the sidelines of the 71st Session of the UN General Assembly yesterday local time. They touched upon international and regional hotspot issues of common interest as well as the issue you just mentioned. This meeting produced a news release which elaborates on various issues. We believe that BRICS countries will join hands to move forward our common goals following the consensus reached in the foreign ministers” meeting.



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